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Distribution of agricultural produce around the globe.

If you are looking to send fresh produce to different destination around the world, then you need to look no further; Flower Board provides first class service and solutions for all destinations via our wide network of both air and sea fright carriers. From the packing house to until final customer we provide door to door full service solution. All products are packed in pallets and shipped by refrigerated storage at the exact temperature and measurements customized to our customers’ requirements.

Upon arrival at the port of destination, the produce is collected by the customer or by our local representative, who releases it from customs and sends it to the final destination. Here at Flower Board we also provide transit and logistic services and solutions to other agricultural exporters.

Ports of Destination

Our main Sea ports of destination are as follows:

Plexto (UK); Marseille-Pouss (France); Rotterdam (Netherlands); Cooper (Slovenia); Novorossiysk (Russia), St. Petersburg (Russia), New York (United States), Montreal (Canada).

We distribute to all air ports around the world; our main Air ports of destination are as follows:

Western Europe: Belgium, Holland, Germany. Eastern Europe: Russia, Bulgaria Far East: Japan, Hong Kong North America: USA and Canada

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