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Fresh Citrus

Flower Board is exporting and marketing a top quality fresh citrus fruits from Israel to destinations all around the world.

The fresh citrus fruits are shipped regular air shipments daily, and regular sea shipments are tailored according to the customer needs.

The fresh goods are transported to their destinations in an uninterrupted cooling chain, beginning with cooling facilities which are adjusted to each variety

Easy Peelers

Easy peelers are citrus fruits, deliciously refreshing and juicy, reach in vitamin C, and a great contribution to your health.


Red Pomelo

A citrus fruit, deliciously refreshing, juicy and rich in vitamin C. Our Chandler red pomelo, sweet, juicy and beautiful, is grown by the top of the Israeli growers, for optimal fruit quality.



Like the easy peelers, the grapefruit is deliciously refreshing and juicy, and reach in vitamin C. Our grapefruits are grown on the northern Israeli valleys. Rio Red grapefruit opens up the follows by the Sunrise (also red), Sweetie and White Marsh.



Delicious, sweet yet tangy, the Kumquat fruit is a distinctive citrus fruit, eaten whole including its peel. The fruit itself is beneficial to the health and the peel is especially rich in essential oils, anti-oxidants and fiber.


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