With a crunchy texture and sweet aromatic taste, carrots are known for their rich supply of Beta-carotene and many other nutrients, contributing significantly to your health.

Our locally grown carrots are fresh and most flavorful, grown in optimal conditions’ by growers having highly advanced pack houses.


Availability: February – June

Storage temp: 0.5-1°c

Size Diameter Length
Package net. weight
Packages per pallet
M 25-35 18-22 cm 10/18 kg 75/130
L 32-50 14+ cm 10/18 kg 75/130
M,L, Big Bag 1200kg 1

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    Hasharon packing house

    P.O. Box 76 Tel- Mond, 4065002 Israel

    Tel: +972-9-7960708, Fax: +972-9-7960710

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