Flower Board


We are Flower Board

The Flower board is an agricultural products export company.
The company's goal is to give the best service to its growers, suppliers and above all, to provide the best service & the highest products quality to its clients.

We are Flower Board

  • Serve customers with the highest service possible.
  • Continue existing as the no.1 company in field of “fix Price Deals”.
  • Marketing high quality products according to the market and customers demand.
  • Coordinating the company’s supply towards the changes in the cut flowers markets.
  • Widening the company markets worldwide.
  • Supply under the quality protocols needed by the fresh cut flowers customers.

The company is also specialized in exporting & shipping agricultural products such as:
fruit, vegetables , flowers & foliage all over the world

Timeline of our company


The company was founded

The company was founded as a flower export company.


fruit and vegetables export Department

Was established as a fruit and vegetables export Department.


Local market of fruits and vegetables

The local market department of Fruit and Vegetables was established.


Materials and packing department

Formed Packaging Materials Dept


Hasharon packing house

P.O. Box 76 Tel- Mond, 4065002 Israel

Tel: +972-9-7960708, Fax: +972-9-7960710

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